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Typical automotive parts made from PP

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Typical automotive parts made from PP

Plastic parts are widely used in vehicle prodcution nowadays. PP, as a main plastic type, is the raw 

material for many automotive palstic parts. PP is combustile by nature. But people have high demand 

for the car's fire-resistance performance. So automotive PP needs flame retardants added, such as 

instrumental panel, door panel, cowl top, etc.

Novista Group is dedicated in developing halogen-free flame retardants for PP (polypropylene):

Novista's FP-2200S equivalent product works well in talc PP and GF PP.

Novista's FP-2500S equivalent product is the low-dust version of FP-2200S, more friendly to the workshop environment.

Above products have been approved by customers in China, Korea and USA, stable performance, cost effective, easy to help PP to reach UL94-V0, V2 and other strict FR standards.

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