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Applications of flame retarded polyolefins

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Applications of flame retarded polyolefins

POLYOLEFINS are very COMBUSTIBLE!! Flame retardants should be required for below polyolefins 


1.wire and cable, such as PE cable, LDPE/EVA cable, PP cable……

2.Automotive plastics. Many plastic parts in vehicles are polyolefins, such as Instrumental panel,Door panel,Cowl top……

3.Electrical and Electronic products. Television, refrigerator, washing machine, cellphone, computer……

4.Building mateirals, such as aluminum composite panel (with a PE core), thin plastic trims, covers, upholstery in the household.

Novista Group is dedicated in developing halogen-free flame retardants for polyolefins.

Novista's FP-2200S equivalent product works well in polyoleins such as PP, PE, TPE, EVA……

Novista's FP-2500S equivalent product is the low-dust version of FP-2200S, more friendly to the workshop environment.

Above products have been approved by customers in China, Korea and USA, stable performance, cost effective, easy to help polyolefins to reach UL94-V0 and other strict FR standards.

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