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The Plastic Profile Extrusion Process Explained-3

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The Plastic Profile Extrusion Process Explained-3


Plastic extrusion is about using molten plastic to produce different shapes. The process can be used for industrial purposes or domestic uses. The technology can produce various products such as plastic films, medical packaging, hose mandrels, wire insulations, tubes and rods.

Electrical equipment

Extrusion is used in Electrical Products like the insulation of electrical wires. During this process, insulation is extruded around the wire when it’s pulled through the die. The wire must possess features such as abrasive resistance and strong electrical insulation capabilities. Insulation helps in preventing electric shocks and corrosion.

Profile shapes

The primary process used in the production of long cross-section shapes is extrusion. Most new homes today have vinyl slidings, developed using this procedure. The production of other profile shapes such as rain gutters and windshield wipers also uses the process.

Polycarbonate sheeting

Extrusion is used in the production of the impact-resistant glass replacement. Window glazing and machine guards can be made from polycarbonate sheeting. The sheeting comes in different thicknesses, depending on the purpose.

Solid shapes
Extrusion can produce solids in different shapes such as round, square or rectangular, and different lengths. Recycled plastics are ideal in the production of plastic decking and lumber. Extracted plastics are commonly used in fencing and outdoor furniture, such as benches. They’re better than timber because they’re weather-proof, splinter-proof and durable. You don’t have to worry about maintenance when you use these plastic pieces.

Water and sewerage systems rely on extruded pipes in the form of PVC. The pipes come in different diameters depending on the need. For instance, the sewer pipes can be several inches wide, while others like taps have much smaller diameters. You can also get medical products like Plastic Medical Tubes.

Benefits Of The Plastic Extrusion Process

Plastic extrusion has a multitude of uses in different industries. The procedure facilitates the creation of plastic products in different shapes and sizes. Some of the advantages of this procedure are discussed below.

-One of the reasons why extrusion is widely used at the industrial level is because it has a high production capacity. Companies involved in the production of plastic products can scale without any difficulty.

-Plastic extrusion is also cheaper than most of the other molding processes. It enables companies to manufacture different plastic products cheaply and sell them at lower prices.

-In terms of design, this process offers flexibility that’s difficult to achieve with other molding procedures. You can get any shape from the molten plastic depending on the die used.

-Extrusion allows for the production of a continuous profile.

-Plastic products are recyclable. The plastic profile extrusion process not only allows for the manufacture of recyclable plastic products but also recycling of waste plastic products.

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