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Application and advantages of brominated flame retardants

Date:2023-05-27 12:00:12 Browse:0

Bromine is used as a flame retardant, in addition to mercury removal, air purification and other fields. With the wide application of polymer materials such as plastics in household environments, public places and vehicles, flame retardants have increasingly become a must-added fire retardant.


Currently, flame retardants are mainly used in four fields: transportation, electronic and electrical equipment, furniture, and buildings and construction materials. There are more than 200 kinds of flame retardant family products, which can be divided into bromine-based, phosphorus-based, nitrogen-based, silicon-based and inorganic flame retardants according to different elements. There is also an inevitability to this diversity, as the materials and products that are to be fire resistant vary widely in properties, composition and even application. Some flame retardants may be very suitable for some specific applications, but not in other areas. That is, there is no one flame retardant, and different solutions must be selected according to different applications. Material engineers will select suitable flame retardants according to the structure and properties of materials. For example, 80% to 90% of printed circuit boards use brominated flame retardants.


Brominated flame retardants are very efficient and can capture free radicals in the combustion chain reaction, terminating or slowing down the chain reaction, thus playing a role in flame retardant. In addition, the cost-effectiveness of brominated flame retardants ranks in the forefront of various existing flame retardants, and has little impact on the performance of the substrate. It is suitable for flame retardant various plastics, rubbers, fibers and coatings.


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