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Novista Group Launches ProStab® NV-710123: A Breakthrough PVC Stabilizer for Environmentally Friendly Processing

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Novista Group, a renowned supplier of plastic and polymer additives, has unveiled its latest innovation in the form of ProStab® NV-710123. This cutting-edge PVC stabilizer is set to revolutionize the industry with its environmentally friendly composition and exceptional performance characteristics.

ProStab® NV-710123 is a complex blend of Ca-Zn soaps, available in a white or light yellowish powder form with a volatility of less than 3%. Designed to directly replace complex lead stabilizers in the processing of PVC profiles, this stabilizer offers a non-toxic and sustainable solution. With outstanding thermal stability, weatherability, and high lubricity, ProStab® NV-710123 enhances extrusion speed, surface gloss, and mechanical properties of PVC products.

The technical data sheet for ProStab® NV-710123 provides detailed information on its main components, physical properties, product features, dosage recommendations, packaging specifications, storage guidelines, and safety instructions. With the Novista Code 710123 and a recommended dosage range of 4.0-5.0%, this stabilizer is packaged in 20kg or 25kg paper bags for convenient use.

Novista Group emphasizes the importance of proper handling and storage of ProStab® NV-710123 to ensure its efficacy and safety. Users are advised to store the stabilizer in a cool and dry place, tightly seal opened bags, and follow the instructions provided on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). While the stabilizer is not classified as dangerous cargo, compliance with relevant laws and regulations is essential to maintain a safe workplace environment.

For more information on ProStab® NV-710123 and other innovative products by Novista Group, interested parties can visit the company's website at or contact them via email at or phone at +86-536-8206760.

Novista Group's launch of ProStab® NV-710123 underscores its commitment to providing sustainable and high-performance solutions to the plastic and polymer industry. This groundbreaking PVC stabilizer is poised to set new standards in environmentally friendly processing, catering to the evolving needs of the market.

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