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What is the difference between fire retardant paint and fire retardant coating

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What is the difference between fire retardant paint and fire retardant coating

Fire retardant paint is a kind of flame retardant coating made of film-forming agent, flame retardant, foaming agent and other materials.


Fire-retardant coatings, which can be called flame-retardant materials, are composed of coating components such as binders (ie, film-forming substances), pigments, common coating additives, fire-retardant additives, and dispersion media. Except for fire retardant additives, other coating components have the same functions in coatings as in ordinary coatings, but some have special requirements in terms of performance and dosage.


Application scope:

In addition to the flame retardant treatment of wires and cables in power plants, industrial and mining, telecommunications and civil buildings, fire retardant paints also have fire protection for wood structures, metal structures, and flammable substrates of underground works. Suitable for home use.


Fire retardant coatings are mainly used on the surface of flammable substrates, which can reduce the flammability of the material surface, prevent the spread of fire, and have wear resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, etc. It is generally suitable for veneers, wood and steel structures, and Most of the fillers are environmentally friendly, such as halogen-free flame retardants, so there are generally more households.


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