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 Its famously said Prediction is very difficult, especially

if its about the future.Fire safety will surely remain a primary

requirement for electronic and electrical equipment. In order

to ensure fire safety, there will be a need to incorporate flame

retardants into plastic systems forming part of such electronic and

electrical equipment that would otherwise pose a significant fire

safety risk.

Halogenated materials form by far the largest group of flame

retardants used in PCB materials with a global estimated market

share of greater than 80%. In Europe, the figure is estimated to be

closer to 95%.

UL has recognized that traditional FR-4 [11] materials have evolved

in recent years and now represent a diverse family of materials. In

recognizing this, for testing purposes UL has now divided the FR-4

category into two sub-categories, FR4.0 and FR4.1


The new UL classifications of FR4.0 and FR4.1 divide the

materials into brominatedand non-halogenrespectively.

There is no clear scientific evidence based driver to restrict the

use of halogenated flame retardants. Legislation under REACH

and RohS II should be expected to apply rigorous scientific

methodology in assessing risks to human health; such studies

to date have not raised concerns about the continued use of

halogenated flame retardants.

Performance requirements are driving PCB materials suppliers

to develop materials for high-speed applications, while improving

electrical and thermal reliability. However, ultimately consumer

choice is also a driver and may well play into the market vector of

high-speed and high-reliability requirements.


Novista Group supplies DBDPE, BDDP, FR245, SR130 to global market.


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