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Flame retardants are compounds, which when added to materials during or after manufacture, inhibit or suppress the combustion process.

They interfere with combustion at various stages of the process, e.g. during heating, decomposition, ignition or flame spread. Their primary function is to suppress the spread of fires or delay the time of flashover so that people can escape.

Flame retardants used in plastic materials fall broadly into two categories, namely additive and reactive. Additive flame retardants are incorporated and dispersed into the plastic prior to, during, or most commonly following

polymerization. If they are chemically compatible with the plastic, they act as plasticizers otherwise, they are considered as fillers. Reactive flame retardants are chemically bound to the polymer molecule by incorporating

them into the polymer backbone or by grafting them onto the backbone as branches. As reactive flame retardants are chemically bound to the host polymer, they are prevented from bleeding out; and thus generally exert greater flame retardancy than additive compounds due to their greater availability throughout the life cycle of the polymer into which they are incorporated.


Novista Group supplies equivalent of FP-2100JC, FP-2200S, FP-2500S, Exolit OP1230, OP930, OP1312, OP1314 to global market.


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