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PVC Stabilizer

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PVC Stabilizer

Processing of PVC and plastic manufacturing in general at elevated temperatures requires the use of thermal stabilizers. Therefore, PVC Stabilizer is one of the most necessary additives during the PVC compound/product manufacturing to firstly prevent resin from being bad influenced by high heat, secondly to maintain and improve physical properties of PVC finished products.

Most importantly and indispensably, PVC Stabilizer allows stable PVC processing, ensuring its thermal stability. It is used to prevent degradation of plastics by heat, to increase strength, not only in processing as mentioned above, but also in applications. This additive improves the final product’s resistance against light, sun exposure, outdoor weathering and reduces oxidation. Overall, PVC Stabilizer enhances the mechanical properties of the finished products, keeping their durability during using period.

Being one of the leading manufacturers of PVC Stabilizer in China, NOVISTA put all our effort into producing standard stabilizers with high quality ingredients. Together with a skilled engineering team and advanced manufacturing process, we are able to provide you One pack lead Stabilizer and Ca/Zn Stabilizer. Both of them are perfect materials for different markets such as pipe & fitting, cable, profile, sheet, …

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