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Replacement of lead based stabilizers with lead free stabilizers-3

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Replacement of lead based stabilizers with lead free stabilizers-3

The other very new and emerging category of heat stabilizers is organic stabilizers. They are being developed as effective, safer and more eco-friendly additives for PVC processing. The major component acting as primary stabilizer and lubricant is Calcium Stearate. Other than calcium stearate organic stabilizers are based on various organic compounds like alkyl/aryl phosphites, epoxy compounds, beta-diketones, amino crotonates, nitrogen heterocyclic compounds, organosulfur compounds (i.e. ester thiols), hindered phenolics, and polyols (pentaerythritols). These combinations of various ingredients provide a wide processing window. They provide high thermal stability and excellent reprocessability. organic stabilizers are currently being heavily researched, and their use at the expense of metal-containing stabilizers is expected to grow significantly.


Until 2016, 80% of the world’s manufacturers were using lead stabilizers, the remaining 20% are used to stabilize PVC food packing, mineral water bottles and pharmaceutical containers. Despite many advantages, the toxicity of lead has brought a restriction to the use of lead based stabilizers in PVC articles. This restriction brought a revolutionary change in PVC processing. In 2020, 50% of the world’s manufacturers are using Ca-Zn stabilizers. In Europe, Ca-Zn stabilizers already hold a larger market share than lead stabilizers. In the USA too, some large processors voluntarily switched from Lead to Ca-Zn stabilizers and brought a change in the industry. 

At the moment, the PVC pipes and fittings  sector is seeing the development of Ca-Zn stabilizers with additional lubricants to achieve the perfect balance for pipes. Fine adjustments in composition can be made to serve a variety of applications.

The Ca-Zn stabilizer systems for PVC wires and cables  have gained importance during the last few years and their demand is still growing. Today, the different heat stabilizers for wires and cables compete with each other in terms of cost, performance, and processing properties.

Whereas, in the profile sector, lead stabilizers are still widely used because of their good processability, the favorable cost to performance ratio, and outstanding heat stability. But, soon they will also be replaced by Ca-Zn stabilizers.

The use of lead stabilizers faces restrictions from various sides. While, the Ca-Zn stabilizers are made such that they meet the requirements of the latest environmental protection standards (such as EU ROHS, REACH directive, etc). To meet future challenges more effectively, a closer collaboration between stabilizer producers and processors is necessary. NOVISTA has a specialized technical services team that can render technical support to customers who wish to change from Lead Stabilized systems to Ca-Zn based stabilizer systems.

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