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The Plastic Profile Extrusion Process Explained-1

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The Plastic Profile Extrusion Process Explained-1

Plastics are a popular raw material used in making a wide array of products, ranging from tubing to Energy-Efficient Vinyl Window Frames. The plastic profile extrusion process is a comm­on procedure in the plastic-making sector because it’s readily available and easy to deploy. Many companies prefer handling plastics to other materials because petroleum-based products are easy to model. Read on to learn more about the profile extrusion process.

Understanding Plastic Extrusion

The plastic extrusion process is a straightforward procedure that involves melting down resin beads (raw thermostat material), filtering it and then designing it into a given shape. The rotating screw helps in pushing down a heated barrel to a given temperature. The molten plastic is passed through a die to give the final product its shape or profile. Filtering provides the final product with uniform consistency. Here’s a quick breakdown of the entire process.

Step 1:
The process begins by introducing raw plastic products such as granules and pellets into a hopper and feeding into an extruder. Colorants or additives are added if the raw materials don’t have some. A revolving screw facilitates the movement of raw resin through the heated cylindrical chamber.

Step 2:
The hopper’s raw materials then flow through the feed throat to a sizeable spinning screw within a horizontal barrel.

Step 3:
Different materials have different properties, including melting temperatures. As the raw resin passes through the heated chamber, it’s heated to its specific melting temperatures, ranging from 400 to 530 degrees Fahrenheit. The resin is thoroughly mixed by the time it ­gets to the end of the screw.

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