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We offer an extensive range PVC impact modifier (Acrylic impact modifier/MBS impact modifier/), product overview as following:

ProAIM: acrylic impact modifier with core - shell structure in which core being moderate cross linked structure is linked with shell by grafting copolymerization. It is especially suitable for outdoor products and broadly used in PVC profiles, sheets, boards, pipes, pipe fittings, etc.

Compared to CPE, ProAIM series products have the following advantages:

-- Excellent weatherability

-- Better impact strength

-- Lower post-extrusion shrinkage

-- Outstanding surface quality

-- Wide processing window


Acrylic Impact Modifier (AIM) Grades and application:

AIM grades


Major   application


Extremely   high & low- temperature impact strength

Window   profiles, pipes, pipe fittings etc.


High   impact strength, eneral purpose application

Window   profiles, sheets, fences, pipes, pipes fittings etc.


ProMBS: MBS products developed with advanced synthetic resin technology, ternary copolymerized by Methyl Methacrylate(M), Butadiene(B) and Styrene(S). It is an integrated resin for improving impact strength and processing performance of PVC products. It is widely used in indoor products such as PVC films, sheets, pipes, pipe fittings and granular bottle materials.

 MBS Impact Modifier Grades and application:


Impact   strength









Opaque   grades: Costly and high impact efficiency

Semi-transparentand   opaque film and sheet,pipes, fittings and profiles,injection molded parts





Opaque   grade: Excellent improved impact efficiency

Semi-transparentand   opaque film and sheet,pipes, fittings and profiles,injection molded parts





Transparent   grade: outstanding crease-whitening and excellent transparency

Particularly   suitable for application in low crease - whitening film, sheet, folding   plates, display box etc





Transparent   grade: excellent impact strength and good transparency

High   impact transparent film/sheet/containers,Blow or injection molded   articles,Suction plastics






Transparent   grade: for general purpose,balance performance

Transparent   film,sheets, plate, packaging,Bottles,

Sucking   plastics


Application uses:


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