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CPVC & CPE Facility

Manufacturing facility located in Shandong province

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       CPVC & CPE manufacturing plants are located in Shandong province what covers an area of 20,000 square meters with more than 80 preofessional people. The plant has 6 pieces of 12,500L reactor for chlorinated production. This will enlarge batch quantities and increase stability each batch.

      With many year's production experience, we develop and improve advanced aqueous-suspension technology to produce cpvc resin. Under strictly production control , the cpvc resin has excellent property of heat resistance,Vicat softening Tem and processing performance. The quality has been up to the top level in China and can replace international top supplier's such as Lubrizol, Kaneka, Seksui, Arkema's .

       Except for the consumption of the downstream self-mixed CPVC compoud, rest of all have been exported to different countries such as India, South-korea, KSA, Mexico etc. More and more customers are willing to accept our product.



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