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Extrusion Processing Guides-1

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Extrusion Processing Guides-1


Successful processing of flexible vinyl compounds with extrusion technology is dependent upon a wide range of variables. For optimum PVC extrusion processing, exact machine conditions will need to be determined by the processor. The following information will aid the processor in attaining the best possible results.



Since flexible vinyl comes in a wide range of hardness and density, the setting of the extruder temperatures will vary greatly. If you have prior experience with a similar flexible vinyl then those temperatures would be a great starting point. If not, refer to the compound's Technical Data Sheet for the recommended stock or melt temperature for vinyl extrusion which will normally be shown as a range.


Take the midpoint of the range and set all barrel, head and die temperatures ten degrees less than the midpoint temperature.


Once material is flowing through the extruder, it may be necessary to adjust each temperature zone depending on the aesthetics and output of the material. The most critical zones will be the rear barrel temperature of the feed zone and the temperature of the die.

(To be continued...)

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