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How Does A Plastic Extrusion Machine Work-1

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How Does A Plastic Extrusion Machine Work-1

PVC extruder

As a manufacturer of piping, tubing, insulation, or any other plastic composite product, you likely already know what an extrusion machine is, but may be wondering if it's right for your high-volume manufacturing process. 

Plastic Extruding Machine


What is Plastic Extrusion Machinery


What is Plastic Extrusion Machinery?

To put it simply, plastic extrusion is a "high-volume manufacturing process" in which raw plastic is melted and formed into a continuous profile. Plastic extrusion machinery is useful for speeding up workflow and volume. It's also great for ensuring consistency through your products, which are made exactly to your specifications every time.


How Does the Extrusion Process Work?

Extrusion machines are simple — raw plastic materials go in, your product comes out and is cut to size. But let's break it down into a little more detail.


· Screw Design

As material gets fed into one end of the plastic extruder (a hopper), it is gradually melted by the heat and energy created from turning screws. These screws are located along the barrel of the machine where the raw materials are melted down. Most types of screws have three different zones to move along the extrusion process:


Feed Zone: This is where the plastic composite material gets fed into the extrusion machine.

Melting Zone: The next section in the screw design is where the plastic gets melted.

Metering Zone: Finally, the metering zone is where the last bits of plastic are melted and mixed to create a uniform temperature and composition.

(To be continued...)

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