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Water Pipe Infrastructure

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Water Pipe Infrastructure

The PROBLEM - Outdated Iron Pipe Systems Corroding Water Quality

  • · Water delivery and sewage treatment are critical to public health and the environment. Corrosion, leaks and breaks in old-technology pipe materials are degrading our drinking water and wastewater systems.

  • · The burden of corrosion-prone pipe materials is not limited to the cost of repairing and replacing failed pipes. It includes the cost of the loss of treated water leaking from the system.

  • · While certain pipe manufacturers continue to explore “solutions” to corrosion – because their materials are affected by it - PVC remains indisputably resistant to it.

  • · PVC pipe is a proven and extremely durable alternative to traditional corrosion-prone pipe materials. Unlike metal piping, PVC won’t rust or corrode over time because it does not react with air and water.

  • · PVC pipes have a proven service history of over 50 years in Australia. A review by Engineering News Record in 1999 found use of PVC for water and sewer pipe to be top 20 engineering advancements of the 20th century and has a proven performance record of over 50 years in Australia, while overseas studies show the life expectancy of PVC pipes to be over 110 years.

  • · PVC-O pipe, the most efficient and sustainable pipe for delivery of water has over 20 years successful use in Australia.

  • · Less energy is required to manufacture PVC than traditional pipe materials. PVC pipes lighter weight makes it easier, safer and less costly to handle, transport and install. Most PVC pipe can be handled manually, reducing the need for expensive installation equipment.

  • · PVC pipes ultra-smooth surface means that less energy is needed to pump water through it.

  • · Significant savings over the life cycle of a pipe network are achieved with PVC, since increasing amounts of energy are consumed in corrosion-prone piping systems as they deteriorate.

  • · It is also totally recyclable – however, being so durable, it will be many decades before becoming available for recycling.

The SOLUTION - PVC Pipes Deliver Outstanding Cost-Effective Performance

Real Sustainability

For water infrastructure, durability and corrosion resistance is the cornerstone of true sustainability and strength. PVC pipe provides water and wastewater infrastructure a resilient and high-quality option, making it ideal for long-term asset management.

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