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​Sustainable Water Infrastructure with PVC Pipes

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​Sustainable Water Infrastructure with PVC Pipes

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. In large measure, the longer something lasts, the more sustainable it is. PVC and similar materials are 30 – 70% less expensive easy to install, environmentally friendly, noncorrosive and durable with an expected design life of more than 100 years without the extensive and expensive corrosion treatments needed for more traditional pipe materials.


PVC meets the demands and expectations of sustainable water. Sustainability is not the case with pipe materials that corrode.


SAVING ENERGY - PVC pipe manufacturing is extremely efficient, with virtually 100% of the compound being used during the production of PVC and its conversion into finished products. It takes four times less energy to make than concrete pipe, and half that used for iron pipe.


CONSERVING WATER - PVC pipes ultra-smooth surface reduces pumping costs, and its leak-free joints eliminate water loss – which can be up to 40 per cent in some old technology piping networks


HIGHER WATER QUALITY - Unlike pipes made from traditional materials, the exceptionally smooth walls of PVC pipes make it extremely difficult for sediment to accumulate. Bacteria and other particles have virtually no chance to attach themselves to the pipes inner walls - a major advantage for sewer pipe systems, which often need to transport waste water containing significant quantities of sediments.


SAVING MONEY- There is significant cost savings to using PVC pipes, even more so when installation, low breakage rates and life cycle costs are taken into consideration. The longevity of the pipes also mean the pipes function more efficiently, reducing maintenance and ongoing work to the pipe making it more affordable over time.


PROVEN LONGEVITY- PVC Pipes have a proven performance record of over 50 years in Australia, while overseas studies show the life expectancy of PVC pipes to be over 110 years....

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