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Flexibility of CPVC Compounds

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Flexibility of CPVC Compounds

CPVC resins require compounding with a variety of additives in order to make them processable into parts. 

These additives can take a number of forms:

 - Heat stabilizers - to protect the polymer during high-temperature processing

 - UV stabilizers - to protect the polymer for outdoor applications

 - Impact modifiers - to improve durability and strength

 - Processing aids and lubricants - to assist with the formation of products

 - Pigments - to achieve desired plastic colour

The following characteristics can be scaled up or down depending on the quantity of additive in the material compound. 

It is worth keeping in mind that there is always a balance to be addressed, between the inherent strengths of CPVC and desired additive effect.

 - Tensile strength

 - Heat distortion temperature

 - Long term creep performance

 - Flame & smoke performance

 - Impact strength

 - Ductility

 - Processability

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