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Application And Development Prospects Of Plastic Additives Flame Retardants In The Field Of PVC

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Application And Development Prospects Of Plastic Additives Flame Retardants In The Field Of PVC

As a widely used resin of a large variety, polyvinyl chloride has a wide range of applications in the construction field. There are DRF series flame retardants in the country, which are prepared by using proprietary ultra-fine, surface modification and compounding technologies. Not only have good flame retardant performance, but also have low smoke, halogen-free and non-corrosive properties. They are both flame-retardant and electrical insulation. , After filling, the material has good mechanical performance and other functions, and is low-smoke, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable to use, and can reduce the generation of smoke in systems containing halogen or phosphorus.


It is widely used as a plastic auxiliary flame retardant in PVC, PU, etc., with high flame retardant efficiency and little impact on the mechanical properties of the substrate.


Its flame retardant and smoke elimination have very important significance. In the past, the flame retardant of PVC was generally added with organic flame retardants, but organic flame retardants were expensive and highly toxic, and would migrate and ooze in PVC, thereby affecting the flame retardant effect.


In addition, a large amount of toxic smoke is emitted during combustion to cause suffocation and poisoning. The new inorganic composite flame retardant has solved the flame retardant and smoke elimination problem of PVC. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, low cost and permanent flame retardant. PVC hair treated with it Both the smoke volume and oxygen index meet the national standards, and no secondary pollution will be generated during garbage disposal after disposal.


Magnesium hydroxide has a broad application prospect as a halogen-free environmentally friendly flame retardant.


In addition, the intumescent flame retardant system is a newly developed halogen-free flame retardant system with high flame retardant performance, no dripping, low smoke, and non-toxicity during the combustion process. This type of flame retardant is composed of acid sources, Carbon source and foaming source composition.


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