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How To Test The Flame Retardant Effect Of Flame Retardant Fabrics?

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How To Test The Flame Retardant Effect Of Flame Retardant Fabrics?

At present, the flame retardant effect test methods of flame retardant fabrics mainly include the following:



Limiting oxygen index (LOI) method: LOI refers to the minimum oxygen concentration required to maintain the candle-like burning of the fabric when combustion occurs in a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. The larger the limiting oxygen index, the better the flame retardant effect of the fabric. This method is suitable as a test method in scientific research and is not often used in the production of flame-retardant fabrics.


Vertical combustion method: refers to the use of a specific ignition source (flame height 40mm) to burn the vertical fabric fixed in the U-shaped clamp at the center 20mm away from the bottom edge of the fabric, and pass the inspection of the fabric within the specified burning time. A method to test the flame retardant properties of flame-retardant fabrics by indicators such as burning state, continued burning time, smoldering time, and damage length. The vertical combustion method is widely used in the flame retardant test of flame retardant fabrics in most countries.


45° inclined plane combustion method: under specified conditions, the sample is placed at an angle of 45°, the sample is ignited for 1S, and the time required for the sample to burn up a certain distance with flame is used as the evaluation method. The flame-retardant effect of the flame-retardant fabric is measured by the measured continuous burning and smoldering time, damaged area and damaged length. In terms of flame-retardant performance, some countries will have corresponding flame-retardant standards to stipulate, which makes flame-retardant fabric customers have a basis when purchasing, and will not purchase unqualified flame-retardant fabrics.


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