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A true story: flame retardant saves the lives

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A true story: flame retardant saves the lives

One winter morning, the temperature was as low as zero, the United States, Colorado,, the workers of the Oil Refinery Co to wear Staben Marvin fire retardant clothes and jacket start work. At this time, the refinery workers don't know body protective clothing will in the deflagration occurred the same day saved his life.

When one end of horizontal tank Staben around a capacity of 5000 gallons of the move, the eyes see the flames beat Yu Guangzhong. A flammable vapor cloud around the ignition moment by unknown sources of ignition, Staben suddenly plunged into a sea of flames.

Another worker sees refinery workers staben tried to escape the flames. See when he has to stand up and quickly told him to roll in situ. Staben hit three rolls, 35 feet from the ignition point of foot, colleagues before he pulled out.

Staben is on the face and neck at some degree and two degree burns, and no other fatal burns. "I think I'm very, very lucky." Staben in summing up the experience of deflagration escape said, "it just a few seconds time may change my life. I know, if I didn't wear a flame retardant protective clothing, it's probably not here today."

Novista Group has been supplying flame retardant additives and masterbatch to global market ever since the first day of its start. 

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