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General Flame Retardant Classes

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General Flame Retardant Classes

1. Gas Phase Flame Retardants (ex. Halogen, Phosphorus)

- Reduce heat in gas phase from combustion by scavenging reactive free radicals, thus inhibiting combustion.

2. Endothermic Flame Retardants (ex. Metal Hydroxides, Carbonates)

- Function in Gas Phase and Condensed Phase by releasing nonflammable gases (H2O, CO2) which dilutes the fuel and cools the polymer.

3. Char Forming Flame Retardants (ex. Intumescents, Nanocomposites)

- Operates in Condensed Phase by preventing fuel release and providing thermal insulation for underlying polymer.

Novista Group supplies halogen-free flame retardant for PP, PE, PA6/PA66.

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