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How do flame retardants work?

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How do flame retardants work?

Flame retardants are added to different materials or applied as a treatment to materials 

(e.g., textiles, plastics) to prevent fires from starting, limit the spread of fire and 

minimize fire damage. 

 Some flame retardants work effectively on their own; others act as “synergists” to 

increase the fire protective benefits of other flame retardants. 

 A variety of flame retardants is necessary because materials that need to be made fireresistant 

are very different in their physical nature and chemical composition, so they 

behave differently during combustion. 

 The elements in flame retardants also react differently with fire. As a result, flame 

retardants have to be matched appropriately to each type of material. Flame retardants 

work to stop or delay fire, but, depending on their chemical makeup, they interact at 

different stages of the fire cycle.

Novista Group supply halogen-free flame retardant for PP, PE, PA6/PA66.

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