Soft PVC: A material for living
Products made from soft PVC are a staple of everyday life and range from premium imitation leather to robust flooring, modern wallpaper and hygienic wound dressings. Soft PVC combines high quality with sophisticated visual standards. Other benefits of this flexible plastic include its excellent weather resistance and long lifespan. PVC floors are particularly easy to clean thanks to their smooth surface, ensuring a high hygiene standard combined with low operating costs, which makes them a popular choice for public buildings.

Solid material stabilizers for soft PVC
Our intense research activities in this field have yielded a range of innovative solutions for soft PVC, such as one-pack stabilizers on a calcium/zinc basis and organically based stabilizers, all ensuring excellent initial colour and colour fastness as well as a high level of UV resistance.

More benefits for our customers thanks to one-pack stabilizers
As a future-orientated enterprise, we have gone one step further and opted for the exclusive use of calcium-based solid material stabilizers also for soft PVC applications. The main components of Novista's Calcium-Zinc and organic-based material stabilizers are positively listed and thus can also be approved for food contact.

The one-pack system comprises several additives at the right mixing ratio in a single product. This means that customers benefit from more efficient warehousing, lower costs for mixing units and the option of fully automated mixer filling.


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