Anti-aging property of PVC Heat Stabilizers
Anti-aging property of PVC heat stabilizers shows by anti-aging performance of PVC profiles. 

Anti-aging property of PVC heat stabilizer in PVC profile show in two aspects. In one aspect, it ensures heat stability 

of PVC molecular chain in heating mixing process. In the other aspect, it ensures heat stability of PVC molecular chain in PVC profiles’ shelf life. To fulfill the two aspects, anti-aging performance of heat stabilizer itself is important. 

If heat stabilizer’s anti-aging property is not good, generated Photochromic molecules will lead to decomposition of 

PVC molecular chain. It would not prevent the decomposition of PVC resin, but will accelerate the aging rate of PVC resin. So it is important prerequisite to ensure anti-aging performance of PVC profile that evaluate anti-aging property of 

PVC stabilizer itself. 

Stabilizer’s evaluation content: The product shall have good heat stability, UV stability, no color changing and no coloration in heating process, storage and use. Here, we can introduce following four testing methods to evaluate the anti-aging properties of stabilizer:  1. Outdoor sunlight at PVC stabilizer itself. 2. Static thermal stabilization time of PVC dry blend. 

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